Age of Revelations



Long time, no see..

Hello everyone,

             Logan and I had every intention of continuing AoR and did not mean for the sudden close, so I’ll shine some light on what events prior to the server closing led to that result. We had our host on shard gaming, this company closed unfortunately with little less than 48 hours warning. we scrambled to find a new host, however what was less known by our community was that myself and Logan invested a fair amount of money into dedicated server hosting with shard. When they shut down unexpectedly we were unable to get that money back that we paid for the dedicated server. We scrambled to find a new host and ended up on which I’m sure many of you know had severe performance issues. We had made the decision to shut the server down as we had to restore the game from a very very old backup as we didn't have the chance to retrieve our game files from shard due to the sudden shutdown. We should have been better at communicating this to you (the community) and for that I do apologize. We were going to start the server back up around April or May but with the sudden Eula change from Mojang this was not a effective cost option because quality server hosting is very expensive. Because of this the future looked very bleak for our community and server. However... recent events have unfolded that have allowed myself and a brand new team to bring back AoR in a phenomenal way.